Last week I lost 1.1kg on the scales. My other measurements all stayed similar. I found the diet side of things much easier last week, I have been so busy I haven't really had time to sit and think about what food I can't eat. The flight to Australia is getting closer, so I feel more determined than ever to look great in a bikini. Kyle recently introduced ab work outs into our PT sessions. Before I started, I had no stomach muscles at all, I couldn’t even sit up from the bench without help because my stomach was that weak. Since building my core with other work outs, we have started to ease into the ab training. On one of the sets I lifted my top up so I could see my stomach muscles working in the mirror, and although I'm no Sarah Stage, I felt really proud of myself and how I've worked up to this. 

If you follow my Instagram, you’ve probably seen that sleep is a thing of the past for me. Since Kal left for the World Cup, Tino (our youngest son), has started teething. Some night's I'm getting as little as two hours sleep, so to deal with that and then throw yourself into a PT session can be really difficult. The amount of times I've picked up my phone to type a message to Kyle and say I just can't do it today, but instead I've just sucked it up, gone in and given it my all. I feel so good afterwards, and surprisingly, once I'm in the gym it really does go so fast, and I don’t even feel tired. Safe to say, I have had to sample a few shots of espresso before a session, it tastes like shit to me, so I have to close my eyes and shot it like tequila. This whole thing has changed me as a person, one of my bad qualities is that I can jump off the bandwagon, as quickly as I jumped on it. I have never, ever ever, been consistent with the gym. I have always flaked off, and I can honestly say, until now, I had never seen any progression with attending a gym, because I haven't enjoyed it and my diet has been all wrong. When I started with L1, I had to drop the weigh right down in sets, as my form was all wrong, along with my technique. Kyle has been persistent with me, coaching and guiding me to ensure that we get it right, even if it takes us seven arguments and nineteen attempts, we get there in the end.  

Week eight of the twelve! Well, actually week nine as of tomorrow, but in true Sophie style I am late with the blog posts. It's crazy to think that originally, I was going to finish at week eight, I am so glad Kyle gave me the opportunity to do twelve, as I have just started with the LD Nutrition meal preps. I am excited to give it everything I have in these last few weeks, to ensure I look the best I can in my after photos. Kyle keeps reminding me of my before photo, and although I haven't seen it yet, the thought of everyone reading this seeing it is making me cringe, but we all have to start somewhere. I also keep forgetting that when I started this, I had done nine months of pregnancy with our second child, and given birth just eleven weeks before.  

For next week's blog post, I will take a few photos and give more of an insight into what we do during our PT sessions, the kind of exercises that I have been doing, and what parts of my body we train. I won't bang on too much about it now, the meal preps are on, the training is hardcore, and we are just 27 days away from the final pictures.  


Sophie. Xx 

Tuesday 17th October- week 8.     

weight- 62 kg    

Height- 5'6   

Age- 25