Sorry for the delay on this blog post, it's been a mental weekend, and I've been rushing around like a crazy woman!   


Last week I broke my diet by eating Pringles and Nutella. I couldn't kill the craving, and I just didn't have the motivation to resist. Sometimes I get like that, where I feel like I just can't be bothered anymore, and I want to throw the towel in. I didn't log what I had done, but I did confess to Kyle. With me getting all my weekly measurements done, you can't lie about your diet, and I was worried about Fridays weigh in and measurements. To my surprise I had lost 6lb!! In one week! I was so shocked, as for somebody who's doesn’t have lots of fat to lose, 6lb is a massive amount. That gave me the spur and kick up the arse I needed to ensure I stay on track. I am now at the halfway mark. Six weeks down, Six left to go.  

This week Kal was in the Grand Final. I was honest with Kyle and told him that if we won, I would be out celebrating, after all, it's not every day your part of a Grand Final win. This time of year is so hard to be strict with a diet. We won the final, so I did celebrate, but with me not really drinking anymore, I actually got drunk so quick and didn’t end up having that many. Rushing around with two kids, and going back and forth to Manchester has meant that I haven't really had chance to sit and have proper meals, in fact I haven't really eaten much at all this weekend, and that can be just as bad as eating bad things. We also had a celebration for families on Sunday, but I chose the best food options and didn’t have any of the alcohol. I mentioned in a previous blog post that to stay on track, I knew that I would have to have a few drinks over the transformation period, and I knew I would have a spoon of Nutella here and there. The most important thing is finding a balance of healthy eating and exercise to make a lifestyle change. If I just ate chicken and broccoli for every meal that wouldn't suit me and my lifestyle, I know that I couldn’t commit to that. The old me would have been out all night after the final, ended the night with a take away, started the Sunday with a full English breakfast, and then done it all again at homecoming. Although I haven't been military with it last week, I have done a hell of a lot better than what I would have usually done, and, I still had a great time.  

Now I am halfway, the PT sessions have become a lot harder, but it's crazy how much heavier I can lift now to when I started. I am actually doing things now, and surprising myself. My body has changed, I took some pictures last night, and I can't believe how much better I look already. I was telling Kyle last week that I attended a meeting with a surgeon before I went on my Hen do in 2016. I had a gap in my stomach with zero muscle after the C-section I had with Andre. He basically told me tummy tuck or nothing can rectify it. I was gutted. I have never had any kind of definition in my stomach. I couldn't believe it last week when I tensed my stomach, and the gap had gone!! It just shows what hard work can achieve, I'm over the moon about it.  

I am now going to start thinking about my goals, and what I want to achieve over the next six weeks. Massive congratulations to my Husband who's been named in the England squad for the World Cup in Australia. Although I am gutted to be without him for nine weeks, at least I can now try and keep focused the best I can, with no events coming up. Playing the single Mama role with two kids alone, three PT sessions a week, a strict diet, and no Kal to lean on is going to be really difficult for me. I will keep going hard, and I am going to smash it so I can stand on the beach in Australia in December, feeling the best, I have ever felt.... AFTER kids!  





Sophie. Xx 

Tuesday 3rd October- week 6.     

weight- 63 kg    

Height- 5'6   

Age- 25