I can't believe we are in week 5 already! So, this week I've faced a few challenges. The biggest battle for me was always going to be diet, I love food, and I mean LOVE. Surprisingly, I found it rather easy to adapt to the new way of eating, making sure I had three meals a day full of protein. Before I started this, I use to skip breakfast, eat something small for lunch, and want Chinese for tea, whilst demolishing a full pack of biscuits in-between. I have still eaten out a few times, but I order completely different meals to what I would have done before. I will always look out for the healthiest option, and research on my fitness pal for the nutrition info. I've found that there's always a healthier substitute, even just ordering a skinny latte instead of a regular one does make a difference to your day. When I sat with Charles, he spoke to me a lot about portion sizes, and I know that I was getting it wrong. I was finishing the day with a thousand calories left over, now I properly weigh my food, I usually finish with about four hundred calories left over. Its mental how much fat and sugar are in things like sauces, that you just wouldn’t even think about. I love sweet chilli sauce, and after scanning the bar code I was shocked to see the nutrition info, I literally use to cover my food in it...not anymore!  


This week I had such a bad craving. I just wanted chocolate and sugar, it took all the will power I had to stay on track and resist. The craving lasted two days and felt like a lifetime. Every time I looked on Instagram it seemed people were eating cakes, and it killed me. If I'd have had a cake in front of me, I would have been like Bruce Bogtrotter and eaten the full thing in three seconds flat. It is just like stopping smoking I suppose, when I think of my diet before and how much sugar I would have had, my body will be in shock mode that I have just cut it out, or have very little. Before I hated dark chocolate and now I love it, I think that I hated it because it tasted so bitter in comparison to milk chocolate, but now I'm not tasting anything sweet, dark chocolate is the sweetest thing I'm eating so now it tastes nice. It was crazy that after the two-day craving, it just completely passed, and I was no longer bothered for it. I'm so proud of myself that I stayed strong, and on track.  


The great thing about the support that you get with L1 is, that I was able to message Kyle and tell him about my cravings, ask him what I could and couldn’t have, and know that he was there to keep me from falling off the wagon. This week Kal played in the semi-finals, I went with the other Rhinos girls, and I had the rare occasion of attending a rugby game with no children. I messaged Kyle to ask about alcohol choices, as I knew that I wanted to have a few drinks, and I wanted to make the right choice. I always think there's no point in being dishonest to myself or Kyle, so if I want to eat or drink something that I shouldn’t be, I will just ask for his guidance. Instead of fancy cocktails full of sugar, I just had white wine and vodka with soda water. I felt quite drunk after one drink, as that was my first drop of alcohol since starting this transformation. I am quickly learning, that to live a healthier lifestyle and to be able to maintain It, you can't just completely stop something as you would end up cracking up and falling off track. You can make better choices though, and enjoy them in sensible amounts. Rhinos made It to the Grand Final, this will be a challenge for me, as it’s a full day out, I will have to prepare my food in advance, and take it with me to make sure I am on track. If we win, then a few vodka and soda water celebration drinks might be needed, sorry Kyle!  


Kyle explained a lot to me about muscle mass, before this programme I have never consistently trained, and I have never seen any muscle on my body. The changes have really started to become noticeable now. I can already see definition in my arms, and my stomach. Before kids, after kids, I have never ever had any kind of definition in my stomach, so I am super pleased about this. I still have loose skin and my tummy isn't flat YET, but we aren't even at the half way mark yet, and I can already see huge changes. When I am lifting weights now, I can see myself in the mirror and I'm like woah stretch arm strong, I think I'm great now, and Kal keeps calling me Riggie Smalls. With me not having muscle before now, I am actually a teeny heavier on the scales this week, but I am looking better. My waist measurement has stayed the same, but my arm and leg measurements have gone down! Yay! Next week I am going to sit back down with Charles and go over my fitness pal, to see if we need to tweak my diet in any way to help the process along. I am still really enjoying it, and as each week passes I just get more excited for the 12-week result.  





Sophie. Xx 

Tuesday 26th September- Week Four.     

weight- 66 kg    

Height- 5'6   

Age- 25