I'm going to try keep this week's blog short and sweet, mainly because my house is a shit hole and my kids are being devils haha!  

I have lost 3 inches from my waist!!!! Me, I have done that?! I can't even tell you how amazing it feels. It just shows that the numbers on the scale don’t always reflect how hard you’ve worked, and what you have achieved. I have kept up to my usual two PT sessions a week with Kyle, a class at L1, and visited my local gym for a few classes in-between. Kyle told me at the start It takes two weeks to feel it, four weeks to see it and eight weeks to hear it. My friend Kirby saw me today, and I last saw her eight days ago, she swears she can't believe how slim I'm looking with just eight days difference. It was just the boost I needed, as I have cancelled a few social events to keep me on track, and now I don't feel bad at all because I know that it's so worth it. There was a girl training at the same time as me today with Charles, she looked incredible, and was ten weeks into her transformation! If I look anything like her in week twelve, I will be one happy lady.  

This week we had the Leeds Rhinos presentation evening. I still haven't had a drop of alcohol, and that was the first time being around it. I'm not going to lie, at first, I was sat there thinking oh my god I could murder a wine, but as the night went on I just forgot about it and was happy to wake up fresh and still on track. I am really getting into the food side of things now, it doesn't feel like a chore anymore, instead of thinking what I can't have, I'm researching what I can have and finding great healthy alternatives. I plan on ordering the carb killer spread next, for when the cravings do kick in, but I feel like I haven't really been that bothered about chocolate lately.  

Kyle has set me a challenge over the next two weeks, he wants me to cut out bread completely, which isn't that big of a deal for me as I have cut down massively anyway when starting this transformation. He also wants me to fit in three 5k runs. This week I have lost one kg, as well as the three inches from my waist (yes, I needed to mention it again). I feel buzzing to go into week five and see where I am this time next week. Kyle expects my weight to start dropping off me now, and next week we should see a bigger weight loss on the scales. We have also now measured my arms and thighs, I will add the measurements below.  


Actually, how could I forget to mention that my friend Jake and a few of the other Rhinos girls joined me at my RYDE class this week. They loved it! Its honestly so much fun, I am already booked on to next week's class with my friend Theresa, I can't wait to show her how much fun you can have whilst working out. For people following my fitness journey, if you have any questions or any other aspect of the transformation that you would like me to blog, please send me a DM or email. I haven't even see the before pictures that Kyle took yet, and I am going to hold out until I share them with you on week twelve, now the results are showing, I am too excited to see the difference.  



Sophie. Xx 

Tuesday 19th September- Week Four.     

weight- 65 kg    

Height- 5'6   

Age- 25