Tuesday 12th September, week three.

Tuesday 12th September, week three.

This week I haven't just noticed physical changes to my body, but also, my mind. I am only in to week three of this transformation, but I can't believe how a consistent training schedule can make you feel mentally strong.  With two children, one of them only being thirteen weeks old, my mind is constantly a mess, along with my house. I always have something to remember, a list as long as my arm to get through, and a little voice in my ear saying "Mum Mum Mum". As lovely as it is, things can often get on top of you, and in the past, I've used the weekend as a little 'Mum holiday'. My weekend 'Mum Holiday' consisted of going out and letting my hair down with friends, and a wine or ten. The same kind of 'Mum holiday' you get when you get to go for a wee alone, or pop to the supermarket in peace. My 'Mum holiday' is now the gym. I get to go a few times a week (thanks Kal), and I much prefer leaving feeling like I've accomplished something, and knowing I won't be waking up with a hangover. As much as I'm not quitting nights out full stop, I have found something that benefits me and my lifestyle much more.  



Yesterday I had a shit day. A Bridget Jones day, as I like to call it. I had my first smear test booked, not only did I have to come to terms with getting old and needing a smear, but it's the fact I am unbelievably squeamish and despise the doctors. I spent all day feeling on edge and sick. To top it off, I got my first time of the month in well over a year, so I spent most of this week feeling exhausted, and emotional. The one thing that got me through the day, was the thought of being in the RYDE class that evening. Nat Is literally the best, if you are even thinking about trying a class, please do, you won't regret it! I put 110% into my work out last night. I can't even tell you how much I was looking forward to getting in that room, and zoning out to the music. It's just the best feeling ever to get in full on work out mode, and let go of any negative vibes. My much needed, 'Mum holiday'. 


I am getting much more confident with my food now, using my PT for any support and advice I need, and learning all aspects of the ap 'My Fitness Pal'. If you have the ap, search for me and add me as a friend 'sophiewatkins7', I have my diary settings set so my friends can see what I have been eating, and I like to get ideas from what others have eaten. Giving the fact that I have my first period since before being pregnant, this explains why I have had cravings for sugary foods. Kyle told me that a few squares of dark chocolate along with a mint tea stops the cravings, I have it every night now, genius!  



Kyle has been away for a few days this week, so I had a PT with him on Tuesday, and I had Lewis PT me on Wednesday. Seen as though I had only met Lewis once, I was a little nicer to him than I am to Kyle, even though he had me on the Watt bike at the end of the session and I almost died.  He is also a Wakefield fan, so I'm not sure I'll use him again haha! There are many PT's available at L1 who will sit and do a full consultation with you, take you around the gym, and also go over your diet and nutrition. Kyle asked me yesterday how I was finding the whole process, and I was completely honest when I said to him instead of counting down the eight weeks being over, I don't want It to end, so we have now changed it to twelve weeks!! I read it takes six weeks to break a habit, so I am certain that after twelve weeks of this fitness and nutrition, I wont of just changed my body, but my life too. 



This week when I got weighed I hadn't lost anything on the scales, I promise to always be honest with anything I blog about. I was a little disheartened at first, but when Kyle showed me how much muscle weighed compared to fat I was so shocked! He didn’t expect to see any weight come off me until week four, and I have to remember I am not on a fad diet where I will drop 7lb in one week, this is a healthy lifestyle change. I can already tell in myself that I have lost fat, my clothes are already starting to fit better, and I am so excited to see where I will be in another few weeks. The great thing with having someone to lean on like Kyle is, if my weight isn’t coming off me in a few weeks like he expects, he can go onto my fitness pal and see what changes need to be made to benefit me and my journey. I have the same person helping with both my training and nutrition, and together we will work to get me to my desired goal.  

Sophie. Xx 

Tuesday 12th September- Week Three.     

weight- 66 kg    

Height- 5'6   

Age- 25