Tuesday 5th September, Week Two.

Tuesday 5th September, Week Two.

I am now on day 11 of my 8-week transformation. That’s no alcohol or custard creams in 11 days, go me! Seriously, I'm actually enjoying it, and more importantly I am sticking to it. The aim of the 8-week transformation is for me to see a big change in my body, but also, my lifestyle. I want to be more educated on nutrition, and how training different parts of my body can strengthen my core, and make me strong. I want to take everything I learn over the next 8 weeks, and use it moving forward for when I prepare my food, and visit the gym by myself.  


I have now had 4 PT sessions with Kyle, and attended 2 RYDE classes at L1. I can't even believe it's me saying this, because I've always wanted to love the gym and training, but never really have. I actually feel guilty if I haven't visited the gym, or gone for a run every day. Kyle made me commit to 2 PT sessions, and one of his classes a week, and I'm finding myself attending my local gym in-between this to keep the training going. Kyle has introduced me to a whole new gym world, a few of my friends attend gym's and classes, and have been going consistently for months, I now see how and why they do this, I finally get it! Because when I am in L1, it feels homely like a little family. I look forward to going to catch up with everyone, and to put some hard work in. I don’t feel scared to scream fuck sake at the top of my voice when Kyle gets the sled out, or to give it 1000% in my classes and come out dripping with sweat like I've had a shower. I am now doing dead lifts, training arms and lifting heavier than before. I am putting in the dirty work to get to where I need to be. Before now I have never been a fan of 'girls with guns', but I'm training arms every session, and I must admit, I am so excited for the day I see definition. I want people to look at me and think she goes to the gym, I will have worked hard for that recognition, and I want to be the girl with guns!!  


The RYDE classes are amazing. If you go to https://www.l1performance.com/ and sign up, you get a free credit on your account to use for a class. I would highly recommend RYDE, it’s a modern, fun, version of spin. You even get special shoes to wear that clip onto your bike, and there's people of all fitness levels that attend. Kallum is going to come and do some classes with me in off season, because I won't shut up about how good it is!  


Let's talk food. So, this week I got weighed on Wednesday, day 8 into the 8-week challenge. I lost 1.5kg!! I was kind of hoping I had lost a stone in a week, being the kind of person that expects a miracle overnight. Kyle hadn't really changed my diet too much, because it wasn't eating healthy that I had a problem with, it was the snacking on rubbish in between meals. Using 'My fitness pal', Kyle has been keeping tabs on my day to day diet, ensuring that I've been hitting my protein goal, and staying under my carb limits. I have been completely honest with everything I have eaten, and found myself craving chocolate bad a few days ago. Kyle suggested dark chocolate to curb the cravings and its worked for sure! As long as I am staying in my limits for the day, I can still have a treat now and then, and in fact I am eating more now whilst eating healthy, than I was before. I need to remember that I'm not on a fad diet, this is a lifestyle change and once this weight is off, it isn't going back on!


Kyle waited a week before setting up a meeting for me with Charles Townend. Check his Instagram out, team_t_charles, he is an expert on nutrition and helped me understand the things I'm putting into my body more, and also about the amount of food I'm eating. Kyle didn't want to overload me with information all at once, and Charles is a great person to speak to regarding nutrition. He advised me that as a woman, you should only really trust what the scales are telling you every 28 days, as your cycle effects how much water your body holds. I am currently still breast feeding Tino, so I need to ensure I am hitting my calories to stop me feeling faint, and to make sure I am losing weight safely, and that it's going to stay off. Charles is also available at L1 for consultations, send him a message to find out the services he offers, and also give him a follow on Instagram, his page has some great nutrition tips! I've added the note's he gave me below with some of the things we discussed.  



So, 1.5kg down so far, still a long way to go, but still super motivated and on track! If you fancy coming to join me at RYDE, get signed up for your free class and message me to see when I'm going, I need some new gym friends! I will update you a week from now with my progress. 


Sophie. Xx 

Tuesday 5th September- Week Two.    

weight- 66 kg   

Height- 5'6  

Age- 25