This is my last full written blog post of the fitness transformation, so I am going to try do a small review of the whole process.  

I can't believe I am sat here writing week Eleven!!! Where has that time gone?  

The first time I went to the gym to meet Kyle for a consultation, I can honestly say that I didn't even realise how much this would change my outlook on fitness and healthy eating. I always try to be as honest as I can be in my blog posts, I want to keep it as real as possible, so I can share my honest views and opinion's. This has not been easy at times, but I can assure you it has been worth it. Kyle asked me if I could be disciplined enough to take on the challenge, after all, it is him putting his name, all of his hard work, knowledge, and time into what I look like on these after photos. Without hesitation I said yes, but I never actually sat and thought it through. I felt like I had to do it, I felt flabby and awful as I had given birth to my second son just eleven weeks before our first meeting. In my opinion, it takes a long time to find your feet and feel like yourself again after having a baby. You are so used to putting yourself last, and thinking of everyone else first, that feeling and looking good can almost become irrelevant and unimportant. I know that I needed my MOJO back, I needed to feel like me again, and I needed to be able to go out with the girls again, or my Husband, and feel confident. I was sick of scrolling down clothes websites thinking I love that, but I'm too fat to wear it. I haven't purchased a bikini in years, a bikini is just something I would have never been brave enough to wear, and now I've ordered some for Australia.  

Kallum has been gone a month now, when I land in Aus, he will be in New Zealand, so it will be another few days before I even get to see him. I can't wait for him to see what I look like. He could tell a difference when he was here, so I can imagine I will look loads different in almost seven weeks of not seeing each other. Kal is the main person I want to impress. Girls, you know what it's like when you're on a night out and you walk in and see your man stood there, when you feel good it’s the best thing ever when he first sets eyes on you. Kal still makes me die, he's very good looking and obviously in great shape himself, so I can't wait to go strutting down the gold coast to meet him with a child in each arm, and show him what he's been missing haha! OK, that’s enough of this talk, I need to remember this is a fitness blog, and not part 13...yet!  

In the next section 'Transformation pics', I will include lots of photos of the after process, and as little photos of the love handles before haha, but enough so you can see just how amazing the twelve-week transformation package is. I have left my weight blank at the bottom of the page, as I get weighed on Friday, and I want to keep as much mystery as I can now until we upload the final pictures. I will also upload the measurements in the first week alongside of the final measurements. I am having my photos done in just thirteen days' time, and I had a baby only twenty-one weeks ago!! If I can do this, anyone can. A big challenge I have had has been someone to watch Tino while I train so much, so thank you to all my famalam and friends that have helped me out so I could complete this, a little help goes a very long way!  

L1 team, I love you all!! If you are even considering taking on the twelve-week challenge please give them a call, go to their website and sign up, you get your first class for FREE! Pop down for a consultation, speak to the reception girls, I can't tell you how amazing you could feel just twelve weeks from now, summer bodies are made in winter!! I must be crazy, but after I let my hair down a little on holiday, and over the Christmas period, I want to jump straight back in and really be strict for another twelve weeks to see how great I could look then!  

Coming from me, no take aways, no McDonalds, no cocktails, no pizza, no all you can eat buffets, in three whole months!! The question that most people are asking me is, "what will you eat when it's over"? My answer to that surprisingly is I don’t actually know, I'm so use to eating well now and making good choices that I am not overly fussed about going and eating bad. I will look forward to a few cocktails with the girls over Christmas, and I promised Kal we will go to York to try the famous Yorkshire pudding wrap, but apart from that I just want to stay on track and be the best version of myself that I can.  

Thirteen days from now my pictures will be taken, fourteen days from now you will see the results for yourself. The countdown is on.  

Sophie. Xx 

Tuesday 7th November- week 11.     

weight- ? kg    

Height- 5'6   

Age- 25