Week 10 is a little late, not like me that Is it?!  

Let's talk food! I have struggled a little the past few weeks with wanting to snack on bad things. My monthly cycle (sorry if any men read this, but I need to mention it), still isn't regular after having a baby and breastfeeding. I had my first full time of the month in week ten, and boy was that hard!! I felt fat, tired, bloated and so unmotivated. I really had to push myself to not cave in. I wanted chocolate, crisps, Yorkshire puddings and gravy, basically everything that I am not allowed. Grenade carb killa bars have saved my life, and once my period ended, I was fine again. My waist measurement went up by a tiny amount whilst I was on my period, so It should be back down again on Friday. All my other measurements went down. When I started this, I wanted to end at nine stone, we are currently on track for that, I need to give it my all now to make sure I achieve that goal.  

I also went to Blackpool in week ten, so I had to sit and watch everyone eat fish and chips, warm seaside doughnuts and ice cream, while I was sat there with salad and chicken. It was a little hard at the time, but when I came home I felt so proud of myself that I am now disciplined enough to go and do things like that, and still have a good time without consuming 1079686 calories. It's crazy how much this challenge has changed my way of thinking, because if I wasn't in the twelve-week challenge, now I would have gone to Blackpool and decided on a treat, I would have chosen either the fish and chips or the doughnuts, before this I would have just gone around the seaside eating everything in sight, and not even give it a second thought. I wasn't happy with my body then, I am much happier with my body now. I can say I am a massive foodie, but for me the saying 'nothing tastes as good as skinny feels' is massively true. I feel so much better about myself now, I am a long way away from my ultimate body goal (I never even thought about a body goal before this), but now I have seen what I can accomplish in just twelve weeks with the right guidance and support, imagine what I can achieve in a year! I keep thinking back to the last big night out I had with the girls on August bank holiday, it was just two days before I started this transformation, and I was so unhappy with my body. I felt so big for me, I am not saying I have ever been categorically fat, but for how I was used to seeing my body, I felt awful. My weight dropped straight off me after Andre, so I was expecting the same with Valentino, but my hips were huge, I have had to work so hard to change my body, I certainly didn't 'snap back' this time around.  

I saw my friend Beckie recently, and also my Mother in law, and Brother in law. They all couldn't believe how great I looked. Beckie is adamant that my bones have shrunk haha! I have always had curves, and I still do, but I am so much more toned now. I do find it hard to take compliments, but when people are commenting on my weight loss it feels great to accept the compliments, because I know how much time and effort has gone into this. I don't think I realise how much my body has changed, as I see myself every day, but I know that I went to a PT session in a sports bra and leggings last week, something I would have never even dreamed of doing before!  

We are on the right track to accomplish what we set out to do as a team, and I honestly won't ever be able to thank the L1 team enough for the way they have helped, coached and guided me during this time.  


Sophie. Xx 

Tuesday 31st October- week 10.     

weight- 60 kg    

Height- 5'6   

Age- 25