Once Andre was weighed and checked over, the midwife, along with Kallum, took him straight out to my Mum as she'd not heard anything since the dramas of me being rushed to theatre. I laid there in a room full of surgeons feeling exhausted and strange. I was a Mum. I had just met my son for the first time. It was so surreal. The first question I asked when I saw him was "does he have hair?" don’t ask me why, but my motherly instinct just knew that he was ok. Even to this day I can't recall it all properly. The first time they lifted him over to see me is just a huge blur, I can't even remember what he looked like, I didn't take any of it in.


A doctor came to let me know that they were stitching me up and he said "I'm just going to put something in your bum ..." I cut him off and explained that he could do whatever he wanted to me because I was exhausted and past caring, haha! It turned out to be a painkiller. I was put back on to a bed and wheeled out of the theatre room, it all happened so quickly! My whole body was numb and I couldn't feel a thing. I did not like having no control over my body at all. As strange as it sounds now, the labour pains were horrendous but I kind of wanted to feel them. Labour didn't scare me at all, I was so ready for it. I wasn't ready for this weird numb feeling.


When I got into our little room I was greeted by Kallum, Mum, Dave (my brother), Nichola and baby Andre. Nichola and Dave couldn't have timed it better. They’d been to KFC and had a casual drive to the hospital to see if they could visit me on the off-chance. They had no idea Andre had just arrived. They were walking up to our room as the midwife and Kal were walking down with Andre. We all have this ongoing joke now because my Mum is even more dramatic than me. She sent Dave a text saying "Andre is ok but we can't say the same about Sophie". She presumed that everyone who had an emergency section died. Long live Sophie Watkins!


A few more family members visited us including my Mum’s partner, my sisters and Kallum’s parents. It was so nice for everyone to come and fuss over him. I, however, was not a barrel of laughs. I felt really down and tired. It was pure exhaustion from the long labour and surgery. At one point I started to get a slight feeling back in my legs and I said to Kal "there's something on my leg, can you get it off please?” It turned out to be a catheter with a bag of wee around my leg, he couldn't stop laughing. Trust me when I say the whole‘having a child’ experience brings you a LOT closer.


Kal was obsessed and smitten from the second he saw Andre but I have to admit, I wasn't. I think it's because I was just so tired and I found it hard to take it all in. I think with everyone being around, having no immediate skin to skin contact (because of having a section) and everything just happening so fast, I just didn't have that immediate bond. Kal was constantly fussing with him, changing his outfits, and having skin to skin cuddles … although I think this was more for the midwives’ benefit. They all came flocking in to see Kallum Watkins with his top off haha.


After a few hours we were put on to a ward with a bunch of other new Mums. Everyone else had to go home. It was my first bit of alone time with Andre and he laid in a little crib at the side of my bed. I had a bell to press to call the midwife in every time I had to lift Andre out. This is the downside of having a cesarian! Other new Mums on the ward were walking around holding their new babies and could do everything themselves, but I just felt helpless. I have to admit, the hospital was very good. I thank my lucky stars every day that the surgeons that delivered our baby were fantastic, and even now my scar is amazing. I am left with quite a few other problems though that I will go into detail about in another post. My aftercare, on the other hand, wasn't so good. One of the midwives that I had, I could tell she was exhausted bless her, looked more tired than I did. I felt like I was a burden on her pressing my bell every time I needed to feed my baby, or when I simply wanted to hold him for a while. I’d bell for her to pass him to me, I’d bell for her to put him back for me, and then when he was put down he would cry so I wanted to cradle him again ... another bell. I was sectioned at 1pm in the afternoon on the Sunday and I was discharged the following Monday morning even though I could barely stand up straight. I'm sure they just wanted me out of their hair!


There was another new Mum opposite me with her baby. The baby was screaming but the Mum wouldn't hold it. You're obviously very hormonal after having a baby, but there I was, breast feeding my new baby, staring in his eyes and feeling like the luckiest person in the world because I was this little angel’s Mum … and then there was this Mum who didn't even look at her baby the whole time! I sat and cried because I felt for the baby and the Mum. The midwife told me that it was religious reasons. She explained that in her religion, the Mumdoesn't care for the baby in the first year, it's the mother in law that does. It made me really sad.


The next morning my Mum came back. Kal came a bit lateron, after training of course. This is why I get so annoyed every time I see any negative posts about Kallum, or any players in fact. Some fans are horrible!! It makes me wish they could see inside the lives of some of the players and seehow much they sacrifice! They don't see how dedicated they are to their sport and how much they give up of their personal lives. Anyway, rant over! I was laid up in a hospital bed with a brand new baby. I showered and had my incision re-dressed. I had to do a wee on my own before I was discharged too. I really do feel for the NHS, they just don't have enough resources. Andre hadn't even had a poo since he'd been born but I was discharged anyway. I guess they needed our bed! I am so lucky that one of my best friends Leah works on the maternity ward now. She’s so dedicated to her job and so caring - I know if I have her looking after me the next time we have a baby, my whole experience will be amazing!


Once it was time to go home, I felt so incredibly overwhelmed with love for Kallum and Andre. There we were, leaving the hospital with our little baby together. Who’d have thought?? We had been to hell and back together, and this was our glory. My little family.


End of Part 10.