Tuesday 29th August, Week One.

Tuesday 29th August, Week One.

So, my first week of training has begun, and although I am feeling VERY sore, I am also feeling very motivated. I started off the week by visiting Kyle Harris (my PT and owner of L1 Performance), he introduced me to his gym, and basically told me that he could whip my arse into shape, but in return I have to keep my hands out of the biscuit tin.  

I had Tino just under twelve weeks ago, and since then I've been VERY flakey with my training, and even flakier with my diet. Some weeks I've visited the gym four times, and others I've sat in the car park on my phone feeling like I just can't even be arsed to go in. Going from one child to two is a massive change, I'm still getting up a few times in the night to nurse Tino, and you just don’t get the maternity like you do with baby number one. You have broken sleep, then your up sorting out your eldest, along with everything else. The list of things to do seems never ending, and the word tired has a whole new meaning...especially when you decide to pop out baby number two, two weeks before the six-week school holidays start! All these factors have left me making the choice to stay at home, and think of ten different excuses as to why I can't visit then gym, whilst dipping my seventh custard cream into my cup of tea, and complaining to my Husband about not being able to fit into my pre-baby skinny jeans.  

The thing that made me realize I needed a drastic kick up the arse, was when I was trying to justify my body shape and weight by comparing myself to friends that haven't had kids. I completely understand that your body does change massively after children, I can talk cellulite and saggy skin all day long! But what I did realize was, that I have a selection of amazing Mum's around me that are now in the best shape of their life's, AFTER they’ve had kids. I want to be one of them! I want to make a positive change, and not be the Mum that sits at home with a box of celebrations complaining that my kids made me fat, I want to be the Mum to motivate and encourage other Mums, and anyone else for that matter. It's time to stop being that Mum that chooses bad foods in large amounts, and sitting on the sofa over the gym, or a home workout when the kids are in bed. We can be fit, we can be that one girl, that makes the next girl want to make a change. Viki McShane, Kayla Rampling and Morgan Moon, you three are my Mumspirations!! You all look amazing, and you all have an amazing balance of work/house work/gym/eating healthy, and have a great social life too.  I have included some of their before and after photos of when they decided to make a change, and be the best version of themselves after kids, thanks for keeping me motivated girls! 


For the kind of person I am, I knew I needed someone like Kyle. Someone to breathe down my neck, and monitor my diet. I'm not pregnant anymore, and the custard creams finally need to go down! When I looked into the eight-week transformations that L1 Performance offer, I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I know that when you really want something, and put your mind to it, it can be achieved, and taking my before photo's is keeping me on track. Anyone can book a consultation with Kyle, he will meet you and talk through your goals, whilst taking your lifestyle into consideration. He is on hand with a 24 hour what's ap service, I message him constantly with my questions regarding diet and training. The first time we met we simply talked about how my body had changed after Andre and Tino, and what I personally wanted to achieve from my PT sessions. I started on Tuesday with my first session, Kyle was amazing with me and I was literally laid out on the gym floor after the session. Once I walked out of the gym I felt as though I had really achieved something, I had used the full hour to train every part of my body and pushed it to the ultimate limits. I was using machines in the gym that I would have been scared to use on my own, in fear of doing it wrong and looking silly. I have always been out of my comfort zone in the gym, worrying about doing things wrong, and being scared to try new things. If you are like me I guarantee L1 is the place for you, its family run as Kyle's sister works on reception, she was the first person I spoke to, and after only my third time in the gym, we are already having banter about how I almost died during training. Tomorrow I am doing my first RYDE class, the first class at L1 is also free! So, if you are too considering trying a transformation, then message Kyle and get booked on to a class.  In the next eight weeks I will be doing two PT sessions a week, one class a week, giving up alcohol, and making sure every day my iPhone health ap says I've done ten thousand steps, (easily done running around after two kids)!  

Kyle introduced me to an ap called 'My fitness pal', if you don’t have it already, then go go go and download it! One of my friends Lotty is also on it, and she's already checking up on my diet and giving me tips to make sure I don’t go over my carbs. The ap lets you input your personal information, your current weight, and what you want to achieve. It generates how many carbs you should have a day, and gives you different targets to hit. The best part is you can add your friends, and choose to share your food diary so they can see how you're doing. I'm on day four of my food diary, and Kyle will comment on certain meals and tell me what I should be eating more/less of, to keep me on track of the eight-week target we have set.   

This is my week one blog update, I know it is quite lengthy but the following weeks will be an insight in to my training session and classes, my diet changes, and also most importantly, how my body is changing. I am looking forward to sharing my before and after photos in week eight, and I am bloody excited at the thought of being able to wear a crop top and trousers!  


Sophie. Xx  


Tuesday 29th August- Week One.   

weight- 67.8 kg  

Height- 5'6 

Age- 25 

Kids- 2 (this is just banter to make me feel better about the above haha)!