So, I decided that after two years of The Secret Life of a Rugby Wife, it was about time I updated the ‘about me’ section of my blog.  

Some of you may already be following my personal Instagram account @sophiewatkins7, and know bits about my life already, if you’ve read the ‘Our Story’ section of my blog, you’ll know a lot more. In brief - I am 26 years old, and married to Leeds Rhinos’ and England Rugby League player, Kallum Watkins, that was slight inspo for the name of my blog. When I started my blog we were newly-wed, and I was obsessed with the wedding, so most of my content was based around that. I’m kind of over that now, (sorry babe, I know the wedding took most of our savings), and although it was the BEST day ever, a lot has happened since then. I am really enjoying wife life, and being Mummy to our 3 little boys, Andre, Valentino, and Izzy.   

The main part of my blog became ‘Our Story’, where I go into detail about how me and Kal first got together, and the struggles we’ve faced as a couple. This proved quite popular, and when I first started I wasn’t sure who would even read my blog posts, I never in a million years expected to get thousands of hits and even be featured in a magazine! I touched upon depression in Our Story-Part 12, this got some great exposure for all the right reasons, and helped lots of people, including Kallum. 

I want to continue with my blogging over the next few years and set myself some new goals. Although on my personal Instagram page, I love putting together outfits and expressing myself through my style, when blogging and vlogging, I prefer to give an insight to our family life. If you have supported my blog from the start Thank You! If you have just started to follow my blog, Thank You! If you’re my friend/family and have been forced to follow my blog, tough shit haha! I look forward to making progress now I've updated the ‘about me’ section!!  

Sophie Watkins xx